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Drafts of Empirical Studies

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I. Local Government Agreements


 Andrew, Simon. Contract Networks in Emergency Management: Institutional Collective Action Framework (posted date: 1/15/07)


 Mullin, Megan. Do Special Districts Act Alone? Exploring the Relationship Between Flexible Boundaries and Intergovernmental Cooperation (1/04/07)


 Shrestha, Manoj. Institutional Behavior and Interlocal Collaborative Networks: A Case of Receiver-Provider Service Relationships in Local Public Goods Supply (1/15/07)



II. Collaboration in Local Policy Arenas


  Berardo, Ramiro. Sustained Collaboration in Southwest Florida: A Study of Resource Dependency in 41 Water-Related Projects (1/10/07)


 Lubell, Mark, Adam Henry, and Mike McCoy. Collaborative Policy: Time Wasted or Well-spent? (1/21/07)


 Weible, Chris. Coalitions and Collective Action: Ally Engagement in San Francisco Bay Delta Water Policy (2/1/07)


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